Kiss and tell.

Here's to cleaning off lipstick and spreading the word! This is what some of our valued customers say about KissAway Wipes.

“Just have to say that I have a friend who wears the most intense lipstick and I can never get it off my cups and glasses. I decided to try these wipes and Voila! All gone! Thank you KissAway Wipes!”
Julie Jones, via Instagram

“This is the perfect solution to a pain-in-the-neck (or should I say ‘pain-in-the-glass?’) problem I have had for years.”
Linda M., Miami, FL

“Every time I bring a bottle of wine as a gift, I include a package of KissAway.”
Sawyer B., Brookhaven, GA

“Every great invention is rooted in necessity. KissAway Wipes is no exception, but it is an exceptional product. I have placed coffee mugs, stemware and tumblers in the dishwasher, expecting my lipstick residue to be removed, even on a more powerful dishwasher cycle. So when they came out sparkling, but with lipstick on the rim, it was annoying. Then I tried KissAway Wipes. With one quick swipe, lipstick vanished! It is a great pre-cleaning product. I love that it is all-natural and the packaging is small and compact. It's a great little gift that packs a great big solution. Cheers!”
Leslie C., Atlanta, GA   

“Wow!  This would be a great product for restaurants!  Let me give it a try on this glass…just like that, it came right off!  Amazing!”
Diane C., Norcross, GA 

“I used them for the first time during cocktail hour with my clients.  It worked magically, removing my dark red lipstick from the wine glass immediately.  My glass was clean and sparkling again, a much better look!"
Shannon T., Alpharetta, GA

"I just moved into my first apartment and I have hosted a couple Wine Nights with my girlfriends. Someone brought KissAway wipes and showed me how easy it was to use.  I hate doing dishes but KissAway makes it a lot easier!"
Abby D., Buckhead, GA

“Finally something that can get rid of ladies’ lipstick on my good wine glasses!  Where can I order KissAway Wipes?"
Scott S., Atlanta, GA

Order yours right here today.