Kiss and tell.

Here’s to cleaning and sanitizing All-Naturally and spreading the word! This is what some of our valued customers say about KissAway Wipes and KissAway Spray.

"As a pharmacist with over 45 years of practice in both retail and hospital settings, I would like to give a "two thumbs up" to the efficacy of KissAway Wipes. Having used them initially as a prewash aid for our glassware, I have started using them in other situations. After reading about their effectiveness in killing over 99% of E. Coli and Listeria and the safety of the active ingredients, I use them everywhere. I keep a container in my car, golf bag, gym bag, etc., as well as using the spray bottles for general cleaning/antiseptic use around the house. (bathrooms and kitchen especially). Effective. All natural. No bleach, thus no threat of ruining your clothes. What could be better?"
Jim B., Ph., Dallas, Texas

"My team and I absolutely love Kissaway Wipes. They are extremely versatile, and we use them not only to remove lipstick from glassware but also to remove fingerprints from luggage racks and to help clean-up go smoother during banquet functions. I could not be more happy to use this product, especially now that they come in the bucket-sized container."
Charlie, Director of Purchasing, Hospitality Industry

"The COVID-19 pandemic force me to temporarily cancel my housekeeper a few weeks back.  I used KissAway Spray to clean my kitchen countertops, sink and floor and was impressed with how clean the surfaces looked and felt.  There was no residue, just clean, clean, clean!  My friend walked into my house and commented on how clean it smelled and how shiny everything was.  How refreshing it is to have a clean kitchen without harmful ingredients!  I love KissAway! You’ve got a customer in me."
Debbie S. Greensboro GA

"At Heartstrings Soul Food Restaurant, we use All-Natural Sanitizing KissAway Wipes for cleaning many different surfaces and stainless steel appliances.  We have been using KissAway Wipes for a year, it’s an amazing product."
Executive Chef 

"I used KissAway Spray and Wipes for cleaning residential and commercial properties.  KissAway is my “go to” product for cleaning everything without harsh chemicals."
Jones Cleaning LLC

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