Our Story

We originally created KissAway Wipes to remove stains. Especially lipstick stains that remain on glassware, fine stemware and coffee mugs.

Our customers, who we love for many reasons, started to use our all-natural wipes more and more to clean other things, like kitchen counters, food preparation areas and other areas of their homes. We began to see our product used by world-class hotels, caterers and chefs as the all-natural way to sanitize without harmful chemicals or toxins. One of our customers, an NFL stadium committed to being bio-sustainable, asked us to develop our product in spray form to sanitize all of their Club suites, so we created KissAway Spray in recyclable, PBA-free bottles.

When our customers asked us whether our wipes would kill germs, we were intrigued. So we tested them in a clinical laboratory near Chicago. In fact, our wipes and spray were proven to eliminate 99.96% of E. coli and 99.94% of Listeria. The test results and published report are on our website.

As we live in an unprecedented world with this COVID-19 pandemic brought on by the novel Coronavirus, our focus is on self-preservation and protecting those who are at highest risk. Cleaning and sanitizing our every day surfaces (doorknobs, counter tops, door handles, kitchen food prep surfaces, nurseries, bathrooms, etc.) is paramount. Our packet of pre-moistened, all-natural wipes are an alternative to sanitize without chemicals, toxins or bleaches.

We hope you’ll add KissAway to your self-protection collection of cleaners; this is a new way of life for all of us and we want you to use a product that doesn’t contain harmful and toxic ingredients. And buy a few bottles and packs for those you know who need protection the most. They’ll not only thank you for it, they’ll love you for the thoughtfulness.