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KissAway all-natural sanitizing products remove stains and eliminate germs. Without toxic chemicals.

We’re all looking for healthier alternatives in our everyday lives at home and at work. Now there’s a safe, natural and more environmentally-friendly way to clean.

Introducing KissAway.  A versatile line of multi-purpose, sanitizing, cleaning products.

When we first created KissAway, our wipes were most effective at removing stubborn lipstick from glassware. However, the more our customers used it, the more they asked if KissAway products were effective at eliminating bacteria.

So, we tested it in an independent lab to find out. KissAway kills 99.96 % of E. coli and 99.94% of Listeria.  Wow.  It removes visible stains, streaks and yes, hard-to-beat lipstick residue.  But best of all, this powerhouse-of-a-natural-cleaner stands out economically, as well.

Available in convenient, pre-soaked wipes or as a 24 oz BPA-free spray bottle, KissAway’s special formula is all-natural, made without harsh chemicals and no toxic ingredients, which makes it safe to use on sealed prep areas in your home or on restaurant surfaces.

Whether you are in the hospitality industry or working in your own kitchen, you can rest easy knowing KissAway will effectively and harmlessly kill serious strains of bacteria.

Read The Full Laboratory Study

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